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When you finish writing your book review or short story for this month’s contest, you’re in the right place to upload it. Every contribution will be published here, so keep a lookout for your piece!

“So, what can I upload for publication?”

Well…everything really!

  • Short stories according to this month’s contest story prompts.
  • Book reviews (of any book, not just the book of the month!).
  • Stories made up of a mix of pictures and words.
  • Stories and reviews written with parental help.
  • If you can’t type it up, you can just take a photo of your story and/or image and upload the picture. You can even mail your entry in to Pen and Fable headquarters!

Everyone can submit short stories and book reviews at Pen and Fable.

We are all about providing a space for young readers and writers to get creative, talk about their books and have the joy of seeing their work published online. So, yes – anyone can submit reviews of any book for publication here!

All young writers are welcome to submit short stories for publication here as well and join in the creative hub. You don’t have to be a subscriber to get creative here!

Can anyone submit reviews and short stories?

But before you submit, there’s a boring bit we need to take care of. If you’re under the age of 18, we will need your grown-ups to sign a quick form saying it’s ok to publish your writing on this website and share it across our social media. But it’s super easy – just download the form below and, when it’s been signed, you can upload it with your contribution. If you cannot download the form, just get in touch, and we can send it to you by email or by mail.

Download Consent to Publish form here.

It’s submission time!

    Just so you know, we are very conscious about making this space a safe environment to share opinions about books and to create beautiful stories. Bullying of any kind will never be tolerated.

    That said, you don’t always have to be positive about the books you review (because not all books are good, are they?). Just remember that someone somewhere poured their heart and soul into writing that book. If you don’t think it’s any good, that’s ok, but just be constructive in your criticism.

    If you choose to comment on someone’s creative writing piece, be sure to comment with kindness. Any writer should be open to constructive criticism but always comment with a compliment sandwich.

    What’s a compliment sandwich?

    A method of cushioning your criticisms with kindness. Give a compliment, then your constructive criticism, then another compliment.

    For example: I thought the characters were very realistic, and I liked how each one had a unique voice. Even though I didn’t think it was believable that Hasina would forgive Emily so quickly after their fight, I did enjoy the journey of their friendship – it kept me turning the pages!

    The same care will be taken to make sure nobody posts bullying comments on your review.

    We’ll look forward to hearing back from you whenever you’re ready!