A Web of Shooting Stars

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Written by Emily Wu, age 13

I reach out to slam my laptop shut, but something stops me. The wall in front of me, plastered with fan art and letters and prints, fades. The thoughts are waiting in the shadows to reel me in. it won’t catch me like a net. It will trap me like a web. But I can’t stop reading the words. This author is sooo overhyped. They spin over and over again on the glowing screen; until they set themselves on fire and bore into my mind, setting my anxiety aflame. They brand me. They burn. I tell myself I love this life, the fame, the money. It’s all I’ve ever dreamed of. Overrated. Impostor. They burn. I am a star, a star, a celebrity.

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The Death-Bite

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Written by Ella Pegrum

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I scream.

“Ma-m-mam-MAMA! HELP ME!!!”  Two doctors are holding me down, a third is trying desperately to jab a three inch needle into my arm. “MAMA! No, stop… PLEASE!!! MAMA-aahhhh…” The needle sinks its single, greedy fang into my arm, and the corners of my vision blur. “P-pp-pl-please…” 

Fog shrouds my vision. I slip through the doors of consciousness and into the uncharted land below.

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Silver Eyes

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This story was written by Kira McArdle, Age 17

Her stomach churned with the water beneath her, a sickly green tinge plastered across her cheeks. The sea spray coated her face, the only relief from the scorching heat. When the man told her to come with him; that he knew a safe haven for people like her, she never imagined it would be this difficult to reach. Pulling her shirt over her face as a shield from the midday sun, a rustling sound came from the other end of the boat. A pair of dark purple eyes peered through a fishing net, filled with curiosity. Lowering her shirt, Allis revealed her face to the girl. Her eyes widened with disbelief, scouring every inch of Allis’s face, lingering on the scars that’d long since healed but would never disappear. “What…are you?” The girl stumbled over the words as they came out. “I could ask you the same question.”

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Written by Ashleigh Pegrum

I live on a small, sandy, dry island, about 50 kilometres from the mainland.

It’s early afternoon, and the hot sun is beginning its journey back to the horizon. There isn’t a cloud in sight, and the air is humid and sticky. Sweat is dripping from every pore in my thin body, and my grey singlet is sticking to my wrinkly skin, which, like everyone else around here’, is dark brown and lined from the sun. My friend and I are standing on the sandy ground outside a small hut with walls made of sticks and a roof made from bundles of tall, dry grass.

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The Cake

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May 2021 story contest winner.

                                                                         By Grace Gabrielle Jasmine, age 5

It was a Tuesday morning and when I woke up it was snowing. I was so excited to go to school because it is my birthday. Today I’m 6.

On my way to school I dug in the snow and found two special treasures; a real heart of Tafiti and a golden purse full of treasures.

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