June 2021 Story Contest

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Using the first method of removing the other person/people from the sentence is an easy go-to way of working out whether you say ‘I’ or ‘me’. I use it all the time! But for everyone who made it through the subjectives and objectives with their brains unfrazzled, well done! Grammar is complex – it’s like relearning your own language from an outsider point of view. Though it’s easier to do the first trick, it’s even better for your writing if you can understand how grammar works and why you use one instead of the other.

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May 2021 Story Contest

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Your best friend is having a very bad day

Did you notice that using an active voice makes your writing easier to understand and more exciting? And even though using the passive voice is not incorrect, changing passive sentences to active sentences will keep your writing clear and exciting to your readers.

In short, if you can get active, get active!

Your challenge

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