Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dragon

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By: Rhiannon FieldingChris Chatterton (Illustrator)

Join Flicker and Flash, two cheeky little dragons who don’t want to go to bed!

Written specifically with the aim of calming little ones before bedtime, this stunning adventure story sees two little playful dragons – Flicker and Flash – doing all they can to avoid bed!

About the Author

Rhiannon Fielding is a children’s picture book author whose work includes the Ten Minutes to Bed series (Ladybird Books).

About the Illustrator

Chris Chatterton is an illustrator from County Durham, England, with a background in graphic design and animation.

The Tale of the Whale

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Where land becomes sky and the sky becomes sea,/ I first saw the whale …/ and the whale first saw me./ And high on the breeze came his sweet-sounding song – / ‘I’ve so much to show you, if you’ll come along.‘ 

The Tale of the Whale is magnificent. A child and a whale begin upon a magical journey, sailing across oceans, diving into the deep. They see a polar bear, dance with dolphins and splash high into the spray. Theirs is a journey that conjures pure joy.

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