May 2021 Story Contest

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Your best friend is having a very bad day

Did you notice that using an active voice makes your writing easier to understand and more exciting? And even though using the passive voice is not incorrect, changing passive sentences to active sentences will keep your writing clear and exciting to your readers.

In short, if you can get active, get active!

Your challenge

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Don’t be passive; get active!

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This month, we’re having a look at the passive and active voice in your writing. If you haven’t heard about the passive and active voice before, that’s ok – let’s jump in and find out what it’s all about.

To understand the difference, you’ll need to understand some basic grammar terms. A little boring, maybe (I mean, not for me, I’m a grammar nerd and proud of it!), but an important skill for any writer is knowing how to pull a sentence apart and look at the pieces. So, let’s look at these parts of a sentence first.

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Chu’s Day

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By Neil Gaiman

Apparently there’s a Neil Gaiman book for every member of my family. Yay! They’re never too young to start, and though my 6-month-old son prefers chewing Chu’s Day to reading it, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Chu is a panda with, we are told, a very dangerous sneeze. When Chu sneezes, bad things happen. We follow little Chu through his day as he manages to keep his sneeze at bay but, when his parents take him to the circus, his sneeze gets the better of him

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Super Geeks: Fish and Chips

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Super Geeks: Fish and Chips

Originally written for Reading Time

Zeek and Arnie are best friends. They do all their favourite things together – gaming, coding, inventing; that’s why they’re the SUPER GEEKS! But when Zeek comes up with a plan to become Supreme Ruler of the world, he puts their friendship to the test. To make his plan work, he’ll need two things; the super-powerful micro-processing chip that Arnie built and Arnie’s beloved pet goldfish Eleanor.

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