Oct 2021 Story Contest

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For older readers

Create a celebrity – a singer, a writer, an athlete – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are a STAR! But, as happy as they are doing what they love (singing, writing, swimming etc), they feel worried by all the attention they are getting.

In your story, we want to see two beautifully written, original metaphors – one about how they feel doing what they love, and one about their anxiety. 

You don’t need anything but your imagination to write a good metaphor, so try closing your eyes to feel how your character is feeling.

And remember, your metaphors should be meaningful!

For younger readers

You’re going to write a story about your favourite celebrity or, to use the metaphor, your favourite STAR! Are they a singer, an actor, an athlete? Choose whoever you like!

Turn your peg doll into your star – you can paint them, use fabric scraps to dress them, or you could just use your imagination! Use your bag of props to 

In your story, write about a time where they are doing what they love to do (maybe your favourite singer is performing in a concert, or your favourite footy player is scoring the winning goal!). In your story, write a metaphor about how they feel when they do what they love.

And remember, your metaphor should be meaningful!

It can be tricky to come up with a good metaphor – sometimes, it can help you to see the story you are writing. Try using some dolls and props to play out your story.

Story contest ends

Have your stories in by November 6th!

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