September 2021 Story Contest

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The imaginary store that wordsmiths can visit to find, create and play with new and exciting words. Because we wordsmiths are just kids in a candy store!


A skilled user of words.

If you love to play with words, you are a wordsmith.

Story Contest:

Now, here’s a challenge for you. Make up a new word! But don’t just mix a few syllables together randomly – use your life experiences or your own speech patterns to create something utterly unique, something meaningful to you. 


I made up the word appelorium

Let me break it down. I wanted to make up a word to describe this month’s theme of a literary candy land. I used the words:

  •  ‘appellation‘: the action of giving a name to someone or something. (I’m literally naming it after the act of giving something a name!),
  • emporium – another word for a shop or a centre of commerce; it’s also a word that I have always loved!

Now I have a new word to use. It means something to me, it works well in the form I intend to use it (this lesson) and, most importantly, I love it!

This month’s contest is just one sentence. Create your word, define it for us and use it in a beautiful sentence. Bonus points if your sentence also uses an uncommon word, like those listed above. 

Let’s see if we can get your word into the dictionary!

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