What makes a priate

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This story was written by Jaxon, age 12

“Land Ahoy!” shouts one pirate.

“Where?” I asked quickly.

“Starboard side!” the first pirate yelled back, “in the distance!”

I pointed my telescope to the starboard side, and sure enough, LAND! We had been sailing lost for days and days, not knowing where we are going, not knowing if we were going to survive. We had lost two men, and I had lost my crew’s respect. They had attempted a mutiny just two days ago, but my best mates stuck up for me and put them into line.
“We are saved! We are saved!” shouted a pirate to another.

The crew was filled with rejoicing and were all up on their feet singing and dancing; I hadn’t seen them like this since we sunk the Spanish Treasure Fleet and looted all of their gold. We ate like kings for weeks.

Pirate? Were we pirates? We had been labelled such by those we had taken from, but how else could we survive? Our home had been destroyed by the very king we thought would protect us. We, our wives and children too, were forced to flee or die in cells among the rotting flesh of other prisoners and the rats who feed on them. I would instead loot their gold and live as a pirate than watch my family starve.

Our joy and happiness were cut relatively short as we heard a thunderous CRACK as the hull hit the sharp jagged reef that no one had spotted; we had all became distracted and stopped watching. The reef had waited for its chance to jump out at us, to catch us off guard. We were all thrown off our feet as the ship ground to a sudden halt. A few men working close to the boat’s edge fell overboard and got cut up on the coral below.

But then we realised we had cleared over the coral and were now in deep water, very deep water. We were sinking! We had utterly destroyed the ship; we were going nowhere fast.

“We’re done for!” whispered my navigator to me, “there’s no way we can get to land now. We might as well walk the plank and jump into the bed of coral.”

“NO”, I screamed at him, “as long as I am captain, I will NOT let us die.”

“Captain or not, matey, you still can’t work miracles. Your not god, far from it, in fact.”

I aimed, swung and hit him right in the jaw. He fell to the ground and made a dull sound as he hit the deck.
What on earth can we do? I thought to myself. We were sinking fast, and I had to make my decision now. I looked around the sea for something to help me. Then I spotted a sandbar. If we could land on that, we would have half a chance.

“Turn to port!” I shouted!

The ship slowly turned but was not nearly as responsive as usual. It slowly creaked towards the sandbar. But it was too slow. Either my reaction was too late, and I should have spotted it earlier. Or the boat was too damaged to make it, either way. We were going down. Why us? We had only taken from our enemies, and they had been the ones to start this war!

We slowly took on more and more water, a few men jumped overboard, but we were all doomed anyway. As the ship disappeared under the water, I thought of all my victims and realised I deserved this horrible death.

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