Silver Eyes

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This story was written by Kira McArdle, Age 17

Her stomach churned with the water beneath her, a sickly green tinge plastered across her cheeks. The sea spray coated her face, the only relief from the scorching heat. When the man told her to come with him; that he knew a safe haven for people like her, she never imagined it would be this difficult to reach. Pulling her shirt over her face as a shield from the midday sun, a rustling sound came from the other end of the boat. A pair of dark purple eyes peered through a fishing net, filled with curiosity. Lowering her shirt, Allis revealed her face to the girl. Her eyes widened with disbelief, scouring every inch of Allis’s face, lingering on the scars that’d long since healed but would never disappear. “What…are you?” The girl stumbled over the words as they came out. “I could ask you the same question.”

24 Hours Earlier

Allis clawed through the scraps of the rubbish bin, pleading to the universe to spare her mercy. The acrid smell stung her eyes. Bringing a discarded apple core to her mouth, bile rose in her throat. It was the first thing Allis had eaten in days, and she devoured it quickly. As she rose from within the alleyway, the breeze whispered a warning. Someone was close; getting closer by the minute.

With a fierce leap, Allis jumped onto the closest wall and began climbing as shouting arose in the distance. Her nails dug into the brick wall as she ascended, desperation emanating off her every move. Suddenly and without warning, the sound of gunshot rang through her ears and she was thrown from the wall, landing with a deafening thud on the pavement. Her vision blurred as she rose, her shoulder searing with pain. A figure appeared in front of her, followed closely by three more. They carried guns, all pointed directly at her.

Remembering what her mother taught her, Allis raised her hands above her head, ignoring the debilitating pain in her arms. “I-I mean you no harm.” The first man laughed wickedly and launched at her throat, cutting her off mid breath.

Allis’s mother had taught her many things as a child in order to protect her, but that never included begging for her life.

“You are a disgusting creature.” He spoke into her face, his warm breath suffocating her.

“I’m not what you think I am.” The figures behind him closed in as the man stroked the silver hair on her back, his calloused fingers sending shivers up her spine. It was no use pretending they couldn’t see what she was. Squeezing her eyes shut, she hoped they hadn’t seen the specks of white in her irises. The clue that would tell them she could destroy them with the flick of her hand. Then she’d truly have no choice.

“Please, just let me go.” She despised the weakness she heard in her own voice. Allis’s mother had taught her many things as a child in order to protect her, but that never included begging for her life.

The man’s grip on her neck tightened, and her lungs screamed out for air. She felt her palms warming with the energy that was coursing through her veins. She rarely used her powers, but sometimes she’d have no choice. It was a dangerous world out there for people like her. And she couldn’t rely on others to save her.

Allis placed her palm on the man’s chest and pushed. Power surged through her, making the hairs on her arms stand to attention. The group of men flew back against the brick wall of the alleyway, their screams tearing through her.

“I told you to let me go. You should have listened.”

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