Ruby and the Unicorn

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Written by Ruby, age 7

Once I had a dream about me and my parents living in the woods. We loved taking care of
injured bunnies, cats, dogs and baby pandas. Every day we would go for a walk and we
would find injured animals. We would bring them back home and take care of them until they
were better.

Once a month we would go to town and buy lots of food. We would take the animals with us
because they were really hungry. One month when we went to get food, the town was on
fire! The fire was spreading quickly towards where we lived.

“Oh no,” said mum. “The fire is coming towards us. Quick, get the animals and hop in the car.”

So we set off to another town.

When we got there, the town welcomed us gracefully and showed us to a house in the
woods just like our old home. Immediately people started bringing us injured animals to help.
We took care of them until they were better and then we gave them back to their owners.

One day on our regular walk through the woods we found an injured unicorn. Its leg was
bleeding so we bandaged it up. It healed very quickly. When its leg had healed it asked us to
adopt it, so we did. After we adopted the unicorn it used its magic powers to heal all the
other injured animals. Not long after, we found a boy unicorn. It asked us to adopt it as well.
Of course we said yes. When the two unicorns met they loved each other so much they had
a baby unicorn. It was so cute. We taught the baby unicorn to walk and to use its magic. The
baby unicorn loved jumping and using its magical powers.


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