August 2021 Story Contest

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This month, we’ve been discussing the importance of writing diverse characters. Using what you’ve learned, here is your challenge:

Imagine your characters live far away in a dangerous place. They are going to build a boat and travel across the sea to find a safe place to live.

Do they meet anyone along the way? What kind of adventures do they have?

Send in your short story by August 31st and you could win a $30 Booktopia voucher!

Word limit: 600 words

Acceptable formats: Everything! Type it up if you can; send in a picture of your handwritten story if you can’t. Draw/take a picture to accompany if you like!

Head over to the submissions page when you’re ready.

Did you get a storytime play kit?

What’s inside?

  • 2 wooden peg dolls
  • Bottle of blue water beads
  • Bundle of twine and twigs

Play your story!

  • Mix your water beads into 1 litre of water. It might be best to do this at night so they’ll be ready for play first thing in the morning!
  • Paint and dress your wooden peg dolls as diverse characters.
  • Use your twigs and twine to build a boat for your characters.
  • Use your water beads as the ocean and play your story!

We would love to see some photos! Send them in here or tag @penandfable_boxes

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