The Cake

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May 2021 story contest winner.

                                                                         By Grace Gabrielle Jasmine, age 5

It was a Tuesday morning and when I woke up it was snowing. I was so excited to go to school because it is my birthday. Today I’m 6.

On my way to school I dug in the snow and found two special treasures; a real heart of Tafiti and a golden purse full of treasures.

At school my teacher Miss Gilder wrote ‘Happy Birthday, I’m so happy your turning 6’ on the whiteboard.

For my birthday Miss Gilder took the class to the beach. Miss Gilder had baked a cake for my birthday but Caitlyn ate all of the cake so I didn’t even get one piece.

When I went back to school, Caitlyn had wiped the whiteboard clean. I was very sad. It was my job at home time to lead the class to their mums but I lined up at the door and I noticed Caitlyn left the door open and had run ahead to meet her mum. When I got to the mums Caitlyn had surprised me with balloons and a party.

Why is this the winning story?

Grace has shown off her wonderful imagination here by using life experiences and tailoring them to the contest specifications. She has demonstrated that she understands the basics of ‘passive and active voice‘ which is what we were learning about.

Well done Grace!

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