Don’t be passive; get active – the answers.

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  1. The letter was written by Mahir. Mahir wrote the letter.
  2. French lessons will be given to you by Mr Dyer. Mr Dyer will give you French lessons.
  3. Breakfast is eaten every morning by Javier at 7.00 am. Javier eats breakfast every morning at 7.00 am.
  4. The jungle is prowled by panthers. Panthers prowl the jungle.
  5. The poster was ruined by you! You ruined the poster!
  6. A movie is being watched by us. We are watching a movie.
  7. The dishwasher is emptied every morning by me. I empty the dishwasher every morning.
  8. Even our silly questions are answered by the teacher. The teacher even answers our silly questions.
  9. The whole town was destroyed by fire. Fire destroyed the whole town.
  10. Half a cookie was given to me by Kingsley. Kingsley gave me half a cookie.

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