Gracie Reviews The Big Big Sea

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  1. Did you like the book? Yes
  2. Why/why not? Because it was with the sea. Because it has a mumma and a girl like my mumma and me and it is very special because we go to the beach all the time.
  3. What did the book make you feel? It made me feel excited that I’m going on a plane to the beach.
  4. Did you learn anything from the book? The moon makes a shiny reflection on the water.
  5. What do you think about the pictures? Very good. It made me want to go to that beach.
  6. Who is your favourite character? The little girl.
  7. Which characters would you like to meet and why? The big big sea.
  8. If you could give the book a different name, what would it be? Mum and me and our special beach.
  9. If you could add something to the book, what would it be? The mum and the girl saw a dolphin rising out of the water.
  10. If you could tell the author or illustrator something, what would it be? It reminds me of the time my mumma and I did this through the day at our special beach when I was little.

This book was reviewed by Gracie, age 5.

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